In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Women in Retail Leadership Circle Co-Founder Melissa Campanelli interviews Dr. Amy Shah, founder of Amy MD Wellness and author of “I’m So Effing Tired.” Listen in as Shah discusses her background in nutrition and medicine (1:41), how a car accident acted as a catalyst to her current career focus on wellness (2:31), and how women can beat exhaustion by tapping into what she calls the energy trifecta (7:20).

Shah shares tips for managing your energy levels by changing what you eat, when you eat and how you manage stress (9:17), offers details on her free training course on this topic, and why it’s essential to place importance in wellness as a leader (13:37). Lastly, she discusses what she’s looking forward to in her personal and professional life as we head into 2022 (15:34).

In addition to this podcast interview, Dr. Amy Shah will also be speaking about how to beat burnout during one of the Lunch & Holistic Leadership Workshop sessions taking place at the Women in Retail Leadership Summit on Oct. 12. She’s also offering our Women in Retail Leadership Circle community access to a 60-day free program she’s calling the Ultimate Optimization Challenge, which is designed to improve your mindset and body. To learn more about it and sign up, click here.

Date: September 14, 2021

Credits: Dr. Amy Shah

Duration: 17:29