In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Women in Retail Leadership Circle Digital Content Manager Kristina Stidham interviews Michelle Cordeiro Grant, founder and CEO of LIVELY, the direct-to-consumer bra company that blends high style with everyday comfort. Listen in as Grant discusses her career background, what inspired her to start the LIVELY brand, and her journey to launching the company as a first-time entrepreneur.

Grant explains what makes LIVELY’s products different from other bras on the market, how the brand developed “leisurée” (i.e., the combination of lingerie and activewear for women of all sizes), and how that product development helped her start new conversations around women’s bras. She discusses how the company puts its core values at the front of all messaging, what marketing and advertising efforts the brand is focused on, and its community growth on social media. Lastly, Grant shares a few goals she wants to achieve at LIVELY, her tips for other female entrepreneurs who want to launch their own brand, and how she manages being a mom with being a CEO.

Michelle Cordeiro Grant is the founder and CEO of LIVELY, a community and brand that inspires women to live life passionately, purposefully and confidently, creating products and experiences to do so. Michelle launched LIVELY in 2016 and has since raised $15 million in funding and fostered a 110,000-member ambassador network. She grew her business from its concept stage to a $100 million acquisition by intimates leader Wacoal in just three years, beating the odds of female-founded companies. Previously, while working with Victoria’s Secret, she was inspired to create a revolutionary new experience and point of view for the $13 billion American lingerie category. Michelle coined “leisurée,” a new category t​hat blurs the aesthetic lines of lingerie, active and swim, taking the best elements of high style and ultimate comfort from each category, ​and so LIVELY was born.

Date: May 5, 2020

Credits: Michelle Cordeiro Grant

Duration: 21:17