In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Women in Retail Leadership Circle Senior Content Strategist Ashley Chiaradio interviews Deeannah Seymour, founder and CEO of pH-D Feminine Health, a first-of-its-kind boric acid vaginal suppository product. Listen in as Seymour discusses her career history, how and why she founded pH-D Feminine Health, and how her products are different from anything else on the market for vaginal health.

Seymour shares why she’s a huge advocate for ending the stigma on vaginal health, how she’s tackling conversations that many people are afraid to have, and how pH-D Feminine Health’s marketing efforts don’t skirt around the issue. In addition, Seymour discusses the brand’s launch into 6,000 new retail locations, why pH-D Feminine Health is continuing to grow online and in stores, and her future plans for improving the lives of women everywhere.

Deeannah Seymour created pH-D Feminine Health in 2014 with the introduction of the brand’s best-selling boric acid suppositories, which help eliminate odor, and restore and retain natural vaginal balance so women can get on with life. Since then, it has been the No. 1 best-seller on for five years straight (see the kinds of seriously rave and sometimes highly entertaining reviews it gets from women), is the top doctor-recommended product of its kind (happy to provide OB GYN testimonials), and last fall launched into 6,000-plus new retail locations, including Target and CVS stores nationwide. This month, pH-D Feminine Health is launching new products and expects to expand its retail reach. Everything the brand produces is manufactured in-house at its own FDA-registered facilities.

Date: April 28, 2020

Credits: Deeannah Seymour

Duration: 18:13