In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Women in Retail Leadership Circle Senior Content Strategist Ashley Chiaradio interviews Bethany McDaniel, founder and CEO of Primally Pure, a holistic skincare and wellness brand that handcrafts natural and nontoxic products with a whole-person approach to well-being for skin, body and mind. Listen in as McDaniel discusses why she founded the natural skincare brand, how Primally Pure has responded to the influx of online shopping and other brands turning to direct-to-consumer (D-to-C), and its use of artificial intelligence-powered skincare and deodorant quizzes to help customers discover the perfect products.

In addition, McDaniel shares Primally Pure’s holiday marketing strategy and launch of exclusive products; how she’s keeping her team motivated during the pandemic, including hosting a self-care day for employees; and what she’s looking forward to in the D-to-C space in 2021.

Founder, farmer’s wife, mama bear, matcha lover and bath taker, Bethany McDaniel is the heartbeat and hard work behind Primally Pure. Bethany began Primally Pure out of her passion for real, recognizable ingredients — not just on her plate, but in her skincare products. When Bethany’s family spontaneously started a beyond organic livestock farm in Southern California called Primal Pastures, she discovered the power of eating real food and her eyes were opened to a new world of wellness. Bethany subsequently purged her bathroom cabinets of toxic conventional skincare products and began formulating her own replacements with pure, simple ingredients. From the pasture to her own office space and workshop, it’s Bethany’s joy to continue to provide customers with innovative, creative and clean beauty products — skincare that promotes health and vitality instead of taking away from it.

Date: November 17, 2020

Credits: Bethany McDaniel

Duration: 16:50