In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Women in Retail Leadership Circle Digital Content Manager Kristina Stidham talks with mother-daughter duo Lori Gildea and Jessica Gildea of ThePureBag. Listen in as Lori, founder and chief lifestyle officer, and Jessica, director of marketing and PR, discuss their line of hypo-microbial bags and accessories designed to keep you safe from germ exposure at the gym, day-to-day activities and travel. Lori shares her personal story of the health struggle that inspired her to launch ThePureBag, what makes the company’s products unique and germ-free, and how the antimicrobial fabric works. She also discusses the company’s plans for future growth, including expanding event partnerships and focusing on sustainability in new product lines.

Jessica discusses the brand’s marketing efforts and various partnerships with influencers and athletes on social media. Educating consumers on the benefits of antimicrobial fabrics is essential to ThePureBag’s growth, and Jessica shares how the brand participates in events across the country and hosts pop-up shops in local communities to gain new customers. Lastly, Lori and Jessica reflect on how neither ever expected to be running a retail startup, what it’s like working as a mother-daughter team, and their advice for other women thinking about launching a company.

Lori Gildea began her career as a pharmaceutical representative and progressed through a series of role advancements that lead to her position as the chief commercial officer of a bio-tech startup. When an unexpected illness from a gym germ (tracked home on her gym bag) struck suddenly and rendered her unable to function for several months, she pivoted and launched ThePureBag. With no experience in the retail space, Lori dove in to fill a missing wellness need with antimicrobial bags and accessories that protect against germs.

Jessica Gildea has a passion for movement and is certified yoga Instructor. In addition, she held several positions in sales and worked in the environmental sector on EPA contracts. Combining her love of fitness, health and conservation along with her creative talents, she joined her mother at ThePureBag to lead the brand’s marketing and PR efforts. A startup, ThePureBag is catching attention within the industry and redefining what it means to be environmentally sustainable and physically healthy.

Both Lori and Jessica are committed to providing USA-manufactured antimicrobial bags and accessories for a cleaner, safer and more sustainable approach to fitness and everyday life. Spread Love, Not Germs.

Date: February 11, 2020

Credits: Lori Gildea, Jessica Gildea

Duration: 21:05