“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall,” F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in “The Great Gatsby.”

I can very much relate to that quote. Fall to me is a time of renewal. Labor Day comes and goes, schedules that may have lapsed over the summer begin again, and things suddenly feel fresh. We may no longer attend school; still, its cycle sticks with us. We’re all, on some level, going back to school when fall begins.

Therefore, to me, fall is a great time to make both personal and professional resolutions. I like to call them autumn resolutions. My personal autumn resolutions this year include getting to bed earlier, drinking more water, and exercising more. Among my professional resolutions, I’m going to try to get out and do more public speaking (I have several “gigs” coming up this fall that I’m excited about!), and am even thinking of enrolling in a local Toastmasters program in my neighborhood.

Do you have any autumn resolutions? Any personal or professional goals for the for the upcoming fourth quarter? Would you like to share them with our readers? If so, please send me a note at mcampanelli@napco.com. We’d love to put together an article featuring your autumn resolutions!