During the Leadership Panel at the Women in Retail Leadership Circle On the Road | New York City event, moderator Cindy Marshall, CEO and founder of SHINE Strategy, asked the panelists what traits they believed great leaders possessed, and which of those traits they believed were their personal strengths. Emily Culp, CEO of Cover FX, answered with curiosity.

Culp explained that she’s insanely curious, not just about retail, but about everything, from her co-workers to macroeconomic trends, which she feels helps her continue her development as a leader.

“I think curiosity is absolutely critical given the agility [and] the movement in the space these days,” Culp said.

Another leadership trait Culp believes is important is integrity. “I believe in the golden rule,” she said. “Really at the end of the day, especially when you’re leading a company or signing off on huge documents, it’s knowing that […] you can’t repurchase your word or your integrity. That’s the final stop, and I think I take that with the utmost seriousness.”

The last leadership trait Culp mentioned was humility. She explained that leaders don’t always have all the right answers. Therefore, while it’s important for them to be confident in their vision, it’s also necessary for them to be vulnerable and honest with their team in order to have a breakthrough or grow.

“If people are terrified of failure and […] think you’re super human, you’re not actually leading them,” Culp said. “You’re not helping them progress. So, I think humility is really important.”

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