No one can balance the family budget, manage a slew of family members’ schedules and, in the era of COVID-19, work from home while facilitating at-home e-learning, cooking and cleaning like a working mother. That’s why one organization is pushing for motherhood to be recognized for what it really is: a training ground for leadership in all its forms. And we couldn’t agree more!

HeyMama is launching a campaign to urge working moms to add “motherhood” to their résumés. Women are struggling to either stay employed or re-enter a workforce that has long been unkind to moms, well before the many challenges brought on by COVID-19. Working mothers face employment bias, but together, mothers can combat these stigmas head-on by advertising from the get-go that they’re working mothers who have additional strengths as employees.

It’s time to recognize the unique skill sets that being a mother can bring to leadership roles. Workers are in demand, and now is the time to proudly declare that being a mom doesn’t take away from your abilities as an employee or an entrepreneur. In fact, it enhances them. Therefore, take a few moments today to think about the skill sets that make you a desirable job candidate — and how they relate to being a working mom — and consider adding “Mother” to your résumé!

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