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Author: Terra Teat

Terra Teat is the chief marketing officer at JLab Audio, a seller of personal audio products, including headphones and earbuds.

Marketing in Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is the only crisis many generations have experienced, and the federal, state and local governments’ stay-at-home mandates are challenging for many marketers and businesses. Marketing during this time can be difficult, but can also strengthen authentic connections to your customers during a time they need it most. Just as many of us...


Fake Followers: Build Your Social Following the Right Way

When the The New York Times published a fascinating read, “The Follower Factory: Everyone wants to be popular online. Some even pay for it. Inside social media’s black market,” I wasn’t exactly surprised. In summary, the article calls out celebrities, influencers, brands, etc., along with agencies that find ways to quickly grow a user’s social media...