Halloween is a treat because we can be whoever or whatever we want and nobody questions it, including ourselves. 

I had some outlandish costume demands as a kid, and (thankfully) a creative mother. Scheherazade, Nefertiti, Athena … yes, I’ve always been a powerful woman fangirl. But when it’s not Halloween, I feel like a fraud for having the title of Egyptian royalty. That’s imposter syndrome. Just kidding.

Imposter syndrome is defined as the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills. It’s also a topic that’s constantly coming up at seminars, in articles, and likely over cocktails everywhere. 

Unfortunately, most of the time it’s not Halloween. But this does mean that when you dress up for that board meeting, it’s as YOU, the woman who has made one choice at one moment after another, to equal days and years of valuable experience, leading you into the role you deserve. 

Do you think imposter syndrome continues to be discussed because women want to conquer those feelings but don’t know how? Or is continuously telling women they have imposter syndrome perpetuating it? Tell me your thoughts and/or what articles and resources on this topic have resonated with you!

Jessica Hershfield, co-founder and CEO of Just Enough Wines, talks about combatting imposter syndrome in our Oct. 19 Women in Retail Talks podcast episode. So does Vanessa Quigley, co-founder of Chatbooks, in our July 13 episode. The topic was brought up during honest and often vulnerable discussions with many of the top women in the industry at our 2021 Women in Retail Leadership Summit. Members can watch the full sessions from the Summit on-demand here.

Seriously, these videos are phenomenal. So open the bag of Halloween candy early, blame it on the innocent toddler (not speaking from experience or anything), and enjoy an inspiration high with your sugar rush.