Have you heard of Glassbreakers, the peer mentorship community for women?

If not, you should! (The founders of Glassbreakers, Eileen Carey and Lauren Mosenthal, spoke at the Women in Retail Leadership Circle’s Girl Talk West event in San Francisco last month.)

In short, Glassbreakers is a safe, supportive and dynamic online network for professional women. The match-making platform connects women with peers who share similar industry experiences, interests and career goals in an effort to foster mutually beneficial professional relationships. By automating the process of networking using LinkedIn data and user input, women can spend less time searching for mentors and more time connecting with women who can offer valuable career guidance. On Glassbreakers, everyone is a mentor!


Since launching earlier this year, Glassbreakers has grown to 12,000 users internationally, who collectively represent 90 percent of Fortune 1000 companies and 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

Glassbreakers is an enterprise software program targeted to human resources and diversity departments at companies with more than 10,000 employees. The platform offers mentorship for women, a content channel to highlight company thought leaders, and company-specific data analytics around diversity.

Since its launch, Glassbreakers has focused on women professionals (managers and above) in industries such as technology, finance, legal, marketing and nonprofit. In addition, last month Glassbreakers launched a retail and fashion vertical on its site so women retail leaders have a place to connect and find mentors as well.

So why did Glassbreakers decide to focus on retail?

“We felt there was a need for women to communicate with their peers in the retail space about their careers, especially since women make up half the retail industry’s workforce, yet they only account for less than one in five corporate officers and 1/20th in the CEO role,” says co-founder and president Carey. “Plus, we saw a demand for it. Before launching the vertical, we had a wait list of more than 500 women interested in this space.”

The types of retail/fashion jobs that have been tagged on the site include art direction, brand management, buyer, creative director, designer, e-commerce, inventory, merchandising and more. Are you interested in signing up? If so, you can do so here.

Also, feel feel free to spread the word and encourage others to sign up, and message Glassbreakers with suggestions and questions at cathy@glassbreakers.co.