In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Zoia Ali, Abby Warner and Taimi Kennerley, co-founders of The Girls Company, a company revolutionizing the way people address women’s health, discuss how the business was created from an assignment during a college entrepreneurship class (0:48), how The Girls Company’s cramp-alleviating band product works (3:35), and why the digital-native brand partnered with Target to launch into physical retail (4:30).

The women share how the recently launched business adapted its strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic (6:02), the role that social media and content marketing have played in the brand’s success (7:11), and how The Girls Company curates user-generated and influencer content across social media (8:31). Lastly, Ali, Warner and Kennerley discuss why offering a subscription model was a no-brainer for The Girls Company to help women with monthly period pain (9:17), and each share their advice for other young entrepreneurs who are just starting to build a business (10:48).

Zoia Ali grew up in a Pakistani household in the Dallas area. Inspired by her father’s entrepreneurial spirit, she went on to graduate from BYU with a degree in entrepreneurship. She focuses on operations, product development, SEO, digital and outbound marketing for The Girls Co., and likes to problem solve. In her spare time, she loves watching Marvel movies and crime shows, spending time with family, and is passionate about creating impact in others’ lives.

Taimi Kennerley moved from Lynfield, New Zealand, to the U.S. when she was 10 years old. Taimi is half-Samoan and her name means “time.” She received an entrepreneurship degree from BYU, and handles brand building, digital and physical assets, social media and customer experience for The Girls Co. She currently resides in Provo, Utah, and helps run an afterschool program for foster children, bakes beautiful cakes, and is an avid world-traveler.

Abby Warner graduated from BYU with a degree in entrepreneurship and a minor in international development. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, she manages all of the bookkeeping, finances and accounting, for The Girls Co., along partner relations and maintaining a long-term vision for the company. Abby is a straight-shooter, loves a good adrenaline rush, is passionate about many social causes, and you will find her wearing blue mascara every day.

Date: July 20, 2021

Credits: Zoia Ali, Taimi Kennerley, Abby Warner

Duration: 14:19