In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Women in Retail Leadership Circle Senior Content Strategist Ashley Chiaradio interviews Shani Godwin, author, creator of Joy Economics, and CEO and founder of Communiqué USA, a boutique marketing communications agency. Listen in as Godwin discusses her career and connection to Corporate America (0:48), her journey to creating the Joy Economics organizational culture (2:55), and how the movement addresses how businesses manage employee stress in the workplace (5:30).

In addition, Godwin shares how stress costs U.S. companies $300 billion in productivity losses each year, why its important to erase the stigma of mental illness from the workplace, and how she helps team leaders promote employee wellness (8:03). Lastly, Godwin discusses the communication strategies small businesses should be using during the COVID-19 pandemic (10:25), and offers her No. 1 tip for women trying to achieve work-life balance (12:53).

Shani Godwin is a CEO, motivational speaker, author, podcaster, and LIVE. WORK. PLAY. enthusiast committed to helping businesses, and their people, excel by providing creative talent and staffing solutions to overworked and understaffed marketing and communications teams. Communiqué USA is dedicated to healing the world by helping people find more joy at work so they can experience more peace and fulfillment in their lives. This continues to be a guidepost for Communiqué USA and is the core of Shani Godwin’s speaking platform, JOY Economics(R) Creating Better Ways to Live. Work. Play. As a professional speaker, Shani courageously shares her intimate story of healing, growth and personal discovery with audiences worldwide as she challenges Corporate America to rethink how we let employees manage life stressors both in and outside of their 9-to-5.

Date: December 22, 2020

Credits: Shani Godwin

Duration: 15:19