In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Women in Retail Leadership Circle Senior Content Strategist Ashley Chiaradio chats with Helen Hall, CEO and founder of Hushup X Hustle, a health brand that promotes an 80×20 whole foods, plant-based lifestyle. Hall also founded Blender Bombs, a line of nutrient-dense, superfood smoothie “bombs,” and created Hustle Smoothie Bars to sell her products in physical stores throughout South Carolina.

Listen in as Hall shares her story of how she turned her own wellness journey and personal training experience into a nutrition business, starting Blender Bombs after selling smoothies to her fitness clients. She discusses her evolution from random ad hoc marketing, mostly on Instagram, to establishing a more strategic approach to attracting new customers. Blender Bombs works with ambassadors, called “Bombassadors,” and Hall details how she recruits, manages and collaborates with these brand ambassadors to grow Blender Bombs’ social awareness. She discusses why a subscription service works for the brand, and how education is essential in acquiring new customers. Lastly, Hall offers advice to other people hoping to start their own businesses, as well as her plans for growing both Hushup X Hustle and Blender Bombs in the future.

Helen Hall is the founder of Blender Bombs and Hushup X Hustle. Born in Atlanta and operating out of Charleston, South Carolina, Helen has a passion for health, wellness, nutrition, and movement. If she isn’t listening to a nutrition or business podcast, you can likely find her riding shotgun on the Blender Bomb Bus or laughing at a pop-up event in the South. She loves moving the needle forward in life, engaging people of all types, and learning how to live a balanced lifestyle. She was recently featured on the Brooklinen blog, and Blender Bombs was recently featured on the “The Today Show.” Helen earned a bachelor’s degree in Consumer Merchandising/Retailing Management at the University of South Carolina-Columbia.

Date: December 3, 2019

Credits: Helen Hall

Duration: 16:26