In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Women in Retail Leadership Circle President and Co-Founder Jennifer DiPasquale interviews Jennifer Cervantes, founder and CEO of Tough as a Mother Tribe, a jewelry brand empowering women in their motherhood journey by honoring the raw, real and joyous moments. Listen in as Cervantes discusses her career background (0:47), how a difficult period in her motherhood journey inspired her to launch Tough as a Mother Tribe (2:40), and her mission to make mothers feel seen and loved through her pieces (4:50). She details the company’s theme of uniting mothers across the world (8:54), what that means for her customers and brand, and how she’s found great success with celebrity influencers (11:42).

In addition, Cervantes discusses the power of following your passion (12:50), the importance of being vulnerable as business owner and leader, and how she hopes that by sharing her motherhood story she inspires other moms to seek support (15:38). Lastly, she shares how she’s balancing the demands of running a startup business while navigating her family life (18:38), as well as what’s next for her personally and for Tough as a Mother Tribe (21:50).

Jennifer Cervantes is the founder and CEO of mom-focused jewelry brand, Tough as a Mother Tribe. A former educator, Jennifer founded Tough As A Mother Tribe to help empower and support moms on their parenting journey.

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Date: May 4, 2021

Credits: Jennifer Cervantes

Duration: 24:18