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Author: Nancy Medoff

Nancy Medoff is a global persuasion and influence expert who teaches professionals how to communicate their value when the stakes are high. More clients, faster promotions, the unicorn job, persuasive presentations, resources or simply help in being recognized for key contributions. Using advanced persuasion principles, Nancy’s keynotes, coaching and workshops have taken her across three continents and combine practical management and authenticity with proven techniques to win the attention of the people who matter and be more powerful in any room. An indoor cycle enthusiast and two-time marathoner, Nancy views life as an ongoing journey to pursue one’s passions and pay it forward. She lives these beliefs every day by empowering women to step into their strengths, own their authenticity and thrive at work. Nancy offers one on one career strategy sessions and can be reached via her website or LinkedIn.


3 Tactics to Overcome Aggressive Interruptions and Take Back the Mic

“Excuse me, I’m speaking” became buzzworthy after the 2021 Vice Presidential debate. These words are how current Vice President Kamala Harris reclaimed her voice, re-centered the attention, and took back the microphone during a high-stakes debate. And these words will go down in history. You’ll notice when watching the brief recap here that during interruption No. 3,...