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Nancy Medoff

After close to three decades of walking the talk in corporate sales leadership, Nancy Medoff, best-selling author, keynote speaker and executive coach has literally “written the book" on women and confidence. Unmute Yourself and Speak Up to Stand Out is a game changer and a call to action for women (and men) who are ready to get their seat at the table – then build a bigger table. Recently named one of Thrive Global’s Power Women; Nancy walks the talk and provides actionable tools for women to take their careers to the next level and start getting what they want and deserve at work. She’s a straight shooter who coaches women to raise their game at every stage of their career. Some find their unicorn job, negotiate a higher salary, or leapfrog up the corporate ladder. Others successfully change careers, dive in to their next chapter or simply level up their own leadership style. From CEO to recent college graduate, the women who work with Nancy all have one thing in common: they have gained the confidence needed to truly thrive. The “Confidence Evangelist”, Nancy is an indoor cycle enthusiast, two-time marathoner, and feet-in-the sand philosopher who won’t stop until women everywhere show up confident, compelling and walk through the doors being opened like they own them.

3 Tactics to Overcome Aggressive Interruptions and Take Back the Mic

“Excuse me, I’m speaking” became buzzworthy after the 2021 Vice Presidential debate. These words are how current Vice President Kamala Harris reclaimed her voice, re-centered the attention, and took back the microphone during a high-stakes debate. And these words will go down in history. You’ll notice when watching the brief recap here that during interruption No. 3,...