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Thankful for This Strong Community

As the holidays and new year come upon us, now is a great time to reflect on everything that has happened throughout the year. In particular, it’s nice to assess what you’re grateful for, both on a grander scale as well as on a day-to-day basis. Amy Morin said it best: “Being thankful can have...


3 Keys to Holiday 2021 Success for Retailers

COVID-19 reshaped the retail shopping landscape for good, and brands across the globe seek to understand what these shifts mean for their customer engagement strategy. Our agency spent the past 18 months exploring the trends taking shape and strategizing what experiences will be most effective in helping retail brands win in our new world. We...


How Can I Contribute to Fostering Engagement and Belonging Within My Organization?

At the 2021 Women in Retail Leadership Summit, Right Management/Talent Solutions coaches Danielle Beauparlant Moser, Christy Silva, CC Cameron, and Bonnie Diamond asked workshop participants to brainstorm ways to positively engage with co-workers, friends and bosses in their organizations. The following is a compilation of responses from dozens of the workshop’s attendees: How can I contribute to...

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