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Author: Melissa Campanelli

Melissa Campanelli is the co-founder of the Women in Retail Leadership Circle, a unique, members-only networking group that offers enterprise-level women in the retail industry a place to learn, connect and grow. She is also the brand and content director of the Retail and Travel Group at NAPCO Media. Prior to those positions, Melissa spent ten years at DM News, where she was first a senior editor and then deputy editor. She’s also a leading expert in small business e-commerce and author of the books “Entrepreneur Magazine’s Open an Online Business in 10 Days” and “55 Surefire Internet Businesses You Can Start for Under $5,000.” In her free time, Melissa loves exploring New York City and Brooklyn and spending time with her family.

Women in Retail Leadership Days: Week 5!

Whew, that went fast! I can’t believe Women in Retail Leadership Days, our month-long celebration of women in retail, is coming to a close! However, before we officially wrap up the event, we have a few more excellent sessions planned. For example: Today at 5 p.m. ET, we will be hosting a super fun, live,...


Help Us Celebrate National Women’s Small Business Month

Did you know that October is National Women’s Small Business Month? Every October, the Small Business Administration celebrates the contributions and successes of our nation’s women small business owners. The 10 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. hold tremendous value, generating $1.4 trillion in revenue and employing 8.4 million people, according to the National Women’s...


Women in Retail Leadership Days: It's (Almost) Here!

Tomorrow, Oct. 1, begins our inaugural Women in Retail Leadership Days virtual event! In case you aren’t aware, Women in Retail Leadership Days is one-of-a-kind virtual event designed specifically for women leaders at top retailers and brands. The virtual event runs throughout October. The Women in Retail Leadership Circle team strategically designed Leadership Days to...


Get Ready for Our September Virtual Exchange!

As you may have heard, Women in Retail Leadership Circle has been hosting monthly Virtual Exchange events alongside its sister brand, Total Retail, since April. The virtual events have been super successful because they bring together top retail thought leaders, executives and analysts to share insights and knowledge with our community during live, interactive discussions....


House Dresses to the Rescue!

Last week I saw an article on that caught my attention. It was titled, “Don’t Sweat(pants) It. The House Dress is Here to Rescue 2020.” It immediately brought back sweet memories of my old Italian aunts (Aunt Adele, Aunt Connie and Aunt Emma) who lived and breathed in their floral house dresses with big...


Just Checking In

I thought I would open today’s e-newsletter with a quick check-in to make sure you’re all doing OK. I know many of you are still in thick of COVID-19 madness, and as such there’s a lot of anxiety around managing your day-to-day lives as well as your career and/or team. Some of you have lost...

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