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Author: Sally Holtgrieve

Sally Holtgrieve is the senior editor at Women Leading Travel & Hospitality and Women in Retail Leadership Circle. She is responsible for content development, content management, content production and other tasks for the groups.  Sally is from Northern Virginia and attended Christopher Newport University in Newport News. She moved to Austin, Texas in 2015 for an adventure and returned to the East Coast in 2021 with a husband, son, two cats and a dog. Sally enjoys hiking and camping, walking and eating her way through new cities, and waking up before anyone else to read and savor a cup, or four, of coffee. She can be reached at


Thankful for This Strong Community

As the holidays and new year come upon us, now is a great time to reflect on everything that has happened throughout the year. In particular, it’s nice to assess what you’re grateful for, both on a grander scale as well as on a day-to-day basis. Amy Morin said it best: “Being thankful can have...


Who Needs a Dose (or 3) of Inspiration?

I’m tired of being inspired by incredible women and learning their secrets to success … said nobody ever. If you’re looking for inspiration and keys to personal and professional success (who isn’t?), then the 2021 Women in Retail Leadership Summit is perfect for you. At this annual event you’ll find hundreds of female retailers to...


Planning Your Return-to-Office Strategy? Take Our Survey!

Hello Women in Retail Leadership Circle community! Many of you have shared with us recently that you’re in the process of determining “what’s next” for your companies as vaccination rates rise and restrictions lift, specifically as it relates to bringing employees back to corporate offices. Most leaders have acknowledged the 9-5, commuting five-days-a-week work schedule...

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